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Price of peace

Peacefulness possessor?

Faithfulness forever?

Enduring endeavor-




Mercy’s mighty measure,

Silently stops sever.

Make Jesus your treasure!!!

Living in the present

Right here, right now? Where is your rendezvous?

Anxiously waiting in the future’s queue?

Still mulling over the past? Say adieu!

Right here, right now! Stay out of the fescue!

Let Christ take care of judicial review,

Walk in God’s spotlight and field of view!

Jesus alone must reign

Chasing, craving…caving?


Aching and awaking?

Don’t run, don’t numb the pain,

Side-step satan’s “chicane”,

Refuse, resist, restrain!

Without Christ, life’s insane!

Jesus alone must reign!

Don’t leave Jesus out!

Always climbing ladders, grinding it out?
Putting yourself out there, garnering clout?
Posting perfect photos…for a shout-out?
Yoga, spinning, marathons…working out?
Kale, cold pressed juices, lots of brussels sprouts?
All solid stuff…but does it leave a doubt?
Is this what “happiness” is all about?
Are Scripture and the chapel your “hang-out”?
Jesus is the key, PLEASE don’t leave him out!

Mother’s Day Poem

*Mailing out my mother’s day poem tomorrow…reminder to all of you, write your mom a poem!!

Unconditional…whole hearted!

Sublime sanctity…uncharted!

Total love…just getting started!!

Those soft green eyes…sparkle and shine,

Transmitting Christ’s light…crystalline!

Your gentle smile…unties, untwines,

True blue, authentic…genuine!

Your daily prayers?…top of the line!

You even love…the porcupines!

You’re the BEST mom…I must opine!

Holy Spirit poem

Sanctifying…silently, slowly,

Evangelizing…humbly, holy,

Tranquilizing…carefully, closely!

The sweet and gentle guest of our soul,

Softly inspires, tries to cajole,

Our “Christification” as it’s goal.

Give him the helm, and total control!

The Empty Tomb

The empty tomb, the sacred shroud,
The risen Christ was seen by crowds…
These FACTS, the apostles avowed
To boldly proclamate aloud.
Do you believe Christ walks with you,
To guide you through life’s deep fescue?
You know His preferred rendezvous:
The Eucharist! And there’s no queue!
Hang out with HIM…it’s overdue!

Mother’s mystical mind

Mother’s mystical mind,

Remarkably refined,

Amazingly aligned,

Delightfully designed,

Usually unfeigned,

Quagmires?  Quarantined!!

“Situations”?  Streamlined!!

Simply…one of a kind!!!

Unconditional love

What’s in it for me? Is that all you see?

Future payback? A bottle of chablis?

Serving the poor, or only the marquis?

Selflessness permeates our family tree!

Stretch your heart, expand your diastole!

Unconditional love!  Don’t you agree??

Peace and joy?  Absolutely guaranteed!

Overcoming your feelings


Dark, depressing…dog days?

Hurtful, harrowing…haze?

Pithy, pathetic…phase?



Garner..gentle gracefulness!

Promote…prayer, peacefulness

“Agape” audaciousness!

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