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Perfection is not the focus of God

Late for carpool, over cooking the rice?

Slipping into an occasional vice?

Pushed way too hard, tired of sacrifice?

As a friend of Christ, I have some advice:


Perfection is not the focus of God,

He knows that you are inherently flawed!

He rules with mercy…not an iron rod,

It’s your love and effort that he applauds!

Lean into Him…leave aside the façade!!

Christ is grateful, he cares!

Day in, day out…so much wear and tear!

Deep in the trenches…far from the glare?

Laundry, cooking, work…no time to spare?

Feeling tired, dizzy…mal de mer?

Taken for granted…they’re unaware?

In the weeds…but making time for prayer?

Jesus hopes this little questionnaire,

Reminds you all, He’s grateful…He cares!

He walked this same path…for your welfare!

Happy birthday, Deb!

My sister Deb is incredible, all-around!

She keeps a low profile, not looking for renown,

Persevering in pain, and never breaking down.

Her spiritual depth and wisdom are profound!

She somehow turns broken plays into big touchdowns.

Her smile, her joy, her contagious laughter…abound!

Her goodness, sensitivity and warmth…astound!

Happy birthday…no better sister could be found!!!

Where’s your MAIN focus?

Where’s your MAIN focus? What are your goals?
More pars and birdies on different holes?
“Likes” on Facebook…rising in the polls?
Promotions at work…building bankrolls?
Avoiding the cross…finding loopholes?
Staying fit and trim…removing moles?
Is God at the helm?…who’s in control??
Put holiness first…then save some souls!!!

If only this, if only that…

If only this and only that,

If I had a dog…not a cat,

Too cold, too hot…new thermostat?

A bad hair day…it just falls flat!

Respect?…treated like a doormat!


Ok, some days are tougher…it’s true!

And there’s not much you can do.

But Faith can change your world view:

The cross is not a bugaboo,

But sanctity’s best avenue!

Christ himself walked this path…will you?


“Thank you, Jesus” or “Why me?”
“Bel esprit” or a crab tree?
Make joy your caller ID!
True joy!…not hypberbole’s!
The cross is our guarantee,
To stretch diastole’s,
To be with Christ and Marie,
Both here…and eternally!

Why do it all?

Harvard, Princeton, and Yale?
Straight A’s…no room to fail?
Timely tutors…travail?
Travel teams…holy grail?
Social graces…details?
But WHY? To what avail?
So Christ’s kingdom prevails?
Is Christ your kid’s best friend?
Prayer? Sunday Mass?…Attend!
Make everything else bend!

Summer is winding down…

Summer’s slowly winding down…

No need to fret, fear or frown!

Christ is in the boat,

He’ll keep you afloat,

Catching passes for touchdowns!

Surfing or submerged?

Wonderful waves surging!

Surfing or submerging?

Getting smashed by the curl?

Or cruising on the swirl?


Prayer lifts you on God’s board,

So, why get flipped and floored?

Christ should not be ignored,

But, lovingly adored!!

I hope this strikes a chord!!

Price of peace

Peacefulness possessor?

Faithfulness forever?

Enduring endeavor-




Mercy’s mighty measure,

Silently stops sever.

Make Jesus your treasure!!!

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