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Heaven is your forecast!

Deep, deep behind the scenes?

No glitz, glory or gleam?

Exhausted?  Out of steam?

Sacrifice…goes unseen?


The question must be asked:

What role have you been cast?

With Christ’s love you’ve been tasked!

Trust in Jesus! Holdfast!

Heaven is your forecast!!!

Pursuing peace?

Patiently pursuing…peace?

Crashing cacophony?…cease!

Contemplating Christ?…creates calm,

Bringing brokenness?…blessed balm,

Anxiety?…acquires aplomb!


Harrowing, hectic holidays?

Please Ponder! Pray! Purify! Praise!!!

Destination? Heavenly

Slouching on this earthly shore?

Listening to waves crash and roar?

Tossing sticks to labradors?

Quick-sand…prisoner of war?


Wake up! Jump into the sea!

Crush your sensuality!

Christ is your faithful trustee,

By your side, with bel esprit,

Destination? Heavenly!

Christian’s cease complaining!

Brittle body bellowing?
Headache…horribly hurting?
Aggressively alerting?
Belittled, bewitched, betrayed?
Pain permanently pervades!
Christians, cease complaining!
Tough trials? Training!
Sanctity? Straining!
Reward? Reigning!

The Holiday season

The wheel of life seems to pick up steam,

As the Holidays become the theme.

Surreptitious shopping…too extreme?

Worst case scenarios…your daydream?

Lost harmony…on life’s balance beam?

Prayerfully ponder: what is your scheme?


Get off the wheel, slow down the whirl,

Make time for God, away from the swirl!

Kids MOST NEED your peace, the priceless pearl!

Open your hearts, let Christ’s love unfurl!

God bless,

Fr. Michael Sliney, LC

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Let your colors shine!

Explosive leaves go out with a bang,

For a few weeks, they’ll try hard to hang,

Making a statement, without a clang.


Our inner beauty should grow each day,

Remember you are Christ’s protégé!

Getting old? Let your colors shine!

Your holiness should improve with time!

Heir’s of Christ

Bending, broken, buffering?…He knows,
Silent, subtle sufferings?…He cares.
Hard, hidden heroism?…He chose,
Determined dynamism?…He shares.
Paternal, patient providence…He shows!
Mankind’s muddled messiness…He bears!
You are His brother, sister…His heir!!

Perfection is not the focus of God

Late for carpool, over cooking the rice?

Slipping into an occasional vice?

Pushed way too hard, tired of sacrifice?

As a friend of Christ, I have some advice:


Perfection is not the focus of God,

He knows that you are inherently flawed!

He rules with mercy…not an iron rod,

It’s your love and effort that he applauds!

Lean into Him…leave aside the façade!!

Christ is grateful, he cares!

Day in, day out…so much wear and tear!

Deep in the trenches…far from the glare?

Laundry, cooking, work…no time to spare?

Feeling tired, dizzy…mal de mer?

Taken for granted…they’re unaware?

In the weeds…but making time for prayer?

Jesus hopes this little questionnaire,

Reminds you all, He’s grateful…He cares!

He walked this same path…for your welfare!

Happy birthday, Deb!

My sister Deb is incredible, all-around!

She keeps a low profile, not looking for renown,

Persevering in pain, and never breaking down.

Her spiritual depth and wisdom are profound!

She somehow turns broken plays into big touchdowns.

Her smile, her joy, her contagious laughter…abound!

Her goodness, sensitivity and warmth…astound!

Happy birthday…no better sister could be found!!!

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